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Project Spark

Colossal Cave Adventure
Fully faithful 3D implementation of the granddaddy of all adventure games - Colossal Cave Adventure, the 1975 text-based classic by Crowther and Woods. It's all here: the bird, the crystal bridge, "XYZZY," a maze of twisty little passages, the threatening dwarves, 15 treasures, 126 rooms, and 350 points.

Killer Satellites...IN SPAACE!
Use your planetary gravity suppressors to steer your killer satellites into maraurding hostile vessels. Your wits will be challenged in a series of increasingly difficult missions. This is an orbital physics puzzle game featuring nine puzzles. Your total score for the game is 1000 x each mission completed minus the total amount of time it takes you to complete the missions, including retries.

With the demise of Project Spark, Killer Satellites has found a new home in Unity. Play it HERE.