Immigration and Generational Migration – Time Based Data Visualization Using Google Maps

I’m experimenting with the visualization of immigration and generational migration data from genealogy records using 2D Google maps and time (years) as the 3rd dimension. This map shows the fictional ancestors and descendants of a particular person.

  • Birthplaces are shown by the red icons. Immigration and emigration locations are shown by the blue icons.
  • Black arrows show “generational migration,” where the birthplace(s) of one generation to the next change locations.
  • Blue arrows show the documented emigration and immigration paths, typically by ship, with the emigration and immigration ports shown when known.
  • Markers and arrows fade (reduce alpha) as time passes.
  • Click and drag to move the map.
  • Use ctrl + scroll to zoom the map.
  • Hover over icons to get a tooltip showing what happened at a location.
  • Use VRC buttons to control time, backwards and forwards.